Best Y&R Lines Friday 8/10/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 8/10/07--Canada; Monday 8/13/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Victor: The methane is a problem, and we will deal with that, all right?  Time flies, doesn't it?

Nikki: (snooty) Thank you. Have you had time to read my proposal?

Victor: Talking about your request for money?

Nikki: For an additional loan.

Victor: (dismissive) I didn't see a reason to read it, because adding to that loan seems to me like throwing good money after bad. Nothing personal, you understand. When you have removed the methane or burned it off or whatever you do with it, you can reapply. This corporation is not in the business of funding removal of hazardous material.

Nikki: This is not about removal of hazardous material. It's a routine abatement, Victor.

Victor: We will not fund whatever you call it, all right? May I have that, please?

Nikki: Did your corporation just give me the loan for the sheer pleasure of calling it in?

Victor: I had no idea that would happen, all right?  

Nikki: How dare you show your daughter such unprofessionalism? You keep me waiting the way that you did.  You already made up your mind without a courtesy review. Darling, this is not the way decent people do business, and I certainly hope you don't take after your father.

Victor: So what is next on the agenda?

(Door slams)

Victoria: Dad, what you did just now wasn't right.

Victor: What your mother did wasn't right. Enough. What's next on the agenda?

Provided By Kent

[Jack learns that Sharon and Nick were temporarily trapped in an old bank vault… ]

Jack: And no one from the crew called me?

Sharon: No. You know, they must have thought what we thought, and--and what the bank manager thought-- apparently what everyone thought--that the door was gonna be open any minute.

Jack: Wow. That had to be scary.

Nick: It wasn't really scary.

Sharon: Yeah, I mean, it might have been if it lasted longer.

Jack: Could you see?

Nick: Yeah, there was plenty of light.

Sharon: You know, they're gonna turn that old bank into a restaurant.

Nick: Yeah. Don't book the vault.

[Michael tells Lauren he thinks the Clear Springs development will fail…]

Lauren: Are you already predicting the demise of this project?

Michael: Like dominoes falling. No new loan, no development. That's all I see. I'm sorry about all the work you put in on the project.

Lauren: Don't worry about it. I can always use the R&D for another project I got going. But, uh, I don't know. Recycle, reuse, right? … I'm just shocked and really disappointed that this is happening. Is this a domestic dispute?

Michael: Mm, both Victor and Neil deny it, but I was in the room when he turned his wife down, and believe you me, there's no love lost between that particular husband and wife.

Lauren: But Victor could change his mind. And Nikki could find a new lender.

Michael: And maybe Santa Claus will bring an end to global warming this year.

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