Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/8/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 8/8/07--Canada; Thursday 8/9/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Colleen tries to convince Lily to drown her sorrows in a night on the town…  ]

Colleen: Planet hopping?

Lily: Yes. Some place where guys don't exist.

Colleen: Well, procreation may be a challenge. And sooner or later, you're gonna miss the wild thing.

Lily: Oh... I feel old.

Colleen: You are old. You know, when you hit 20, I'm wheeling you into the Happy Acres Senior Center, and I'm running in the other direction.

Lily: No, I'm serious. I feel... I feel pathetic. I feel pathetic and old. I'm 19 and I have already been married and I'm about to be divorced.

Colleen: Well, you know there is a cure for what ails you.

Lily: Do not say another guy.

Colleen: I would never say that. I would say... lots of other guys.

Lily: No. I have zero interest--

Colleen: Just listen to me. Listen to me, listen to me. Okay, what we do is we dress to thrill, we go to Indigo, we flirt shamelessly with anything that zips at the crotch. Mm-hmm. And then, when they ask for our phone numbers, we give them phony ones.

Lily: Um, no, that’s... that's stupid.

Colleen: Exactly! Right, how can you possibly feel old after doing something that juvenile? 

[Amber and Daniel try to deal with the end of both their marriages…]

Daniel: You know what we need to do, is we need to get over the both of them.

Amber: I can't just switch on and off love, Daniel.

Daniel: Whatever happened to that sweet Ambrosia girl? Now that chick-- that chick was sassy.

Amber: I am wounded! And I'm a felon. 

[Kay finds Jill sitting at the bar in the Genoa City Athletic Club…]

Kay: So where'd you run off to?

Jill: I was having insane sex with my boyfriend.

Kay: Oh, please, you know...

Jill: (Chuckles)

Kay: Don't be funny. This is a wake. Just try and give me a straight answer. What is so amusing?

Jill: Nothing, nothing. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna run home and pack a few things. Oh, excuse me, my former home, because I don't live there anymore. Who is that with Gloria?

Kay: Oh, that's William. He rose from the dead. He's going to take you away from Ji Min.

Jill: That is not funny!

Kay: Well, just wishful dreaming. It's his brother.

Jill: Since when does William have a brother?

Kay: Didn't he tell you?

Jill: Not a word.

Kay: Well, apparently he didn't tell anyone else either.

Jill: Gloria must've been floored.

Kay: Literally. She passed out.

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