Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/2/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 8/2/07--Canada; Friday 8/3/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[After viewing video evidence, Phyllis asks the seemingly impossible of her lawyer… ]

Phyllis: If the jury sees that, it's over. Can you stop it?

Michael: My superman suit is at the cleaners.

[Daniel attempts to comfort his mother outside the courtroom …]

Daniel: That was rough, huh?

Phyllis: I'm sorry you had to see that.

Daniel: Yeah, well, what's one more felon in the family, right?

[Victor and Nikki’s marital problems get a lot worse…]

Nikki: You had David investigated?

Victor: We do a background check on all of our employees.

Nikki: Oh, come on, this is a lot more than a background check.

Victor: The man has had three wives. The first two passed away and left him a fortune. The third was very wealthy and he got a large settlement during the divorce. Now don't you think it's odd that he's only attracted to wealthy women?

Nikki: Are you insinuating that there is nothing attractive about me except my money?

Victor: Wake up! That, to Mr. Chow, may be your most attractive asset.

Nikki: Oh, my God! This is despicable! Even for you! You make me sick.

Victor: The feeling is entirely mutual.

[David confronts Victor…]

David: Somebody just tried to run me off the side of the road-- intentionally. You did this to me. You tried to have me killed.

Victor: If I want you dead, you will be dead. Now get the hell out of here!

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