Best Y&R Lines Thursday 7/26/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 7/26/07--Canada; Friday 7/27/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Jack and Victor try to find common ground over the Clear Springs development project…]

Jack: I want to talk to you about this excavation, Victor. I am paying people to stand around and do nothing.

Victor: Not my problem.

Jack: Those old buildings have to go.

Victor: I have rethought my position. If you want to attract tourists, I suggest you keep those historical buildings.

Jack: Those historical buildings are falling apart faster than your marriage. We need the casino. I'm building it to bring the people in.

Victor: How do you think your constituents will feel... if they find out that their senator is building a casino?

Jack: They knew that when they voted me into office.

Victor: Really?

Jack: You're losing your edge.

[Jack follows up with Nikki after the meeting regarding Clear Springs…]

Jack: My associates are going over the methane code for Clear Springs. The architect has been notified and is working to incorporate any changes.

Nikki: It's gonna be a little trickier with the older buildings.

Jack: Well, that's not my problem, that's yours. I'm not spending another dime on that. You and your husband can argue about that for a while.

Nikki: Hey, you're lucky to still be involved in this project at all. If you hadn't sold Jabot to Katherine when you did--

Jack: Um, when did you and your husband get this fantasy that Jabot and I were in any way linked? I had nothing to do with the selling of that company.

Nikki: Oh, yes. Hi, David.

David: Sorry I'm late.

Jack: One more question. When did you separate from your husband? Was it before or after you got caught kissing your, uh, colleague?

Nikki: I believe it was shortly after your wife was subpoenaed to testify about her affair.

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