Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/20/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 7/20/07--Canada; Monday 7/21/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Kevin visits Jana in the psychiatric ward…]

Jana: I thought I'd never see you again.

Kevin: Too bad it's not through prison bars. Maybe your public defender will make that happen.

Jana: Don’t be angry with me. Please.

Kevin: Oh, I'm not angry. I'm ecstatic. See, I'm the prosecution's star witness. With a little luck maybe that bill will pass this year and they'll reinstate the death penalty. I should give my senator a call.

Jana: It doesn't matter. I have a brain tumor, remember?

Kevin: Sweetheart, that's old news.

Jana: It's time for more medication. I could be dead before the trial even begins.

Kevin: I don't care how you get there. It's the destination that counts.


[Phyllis tries to convince Nick to let her help organize Cassie’s Challenge…]

Phyllis: Hey, listen, are you worried about what Sharon said? Because I really... don't agree with her. I don't think I'm gonna repel contributors. I mean, honestly, have-- have you ever stopped to gawk at an accident?

Nick: Who hasn't?

Phyllis: That's what I'm saying. Look at me. I am a walking, talking accident that everybody wants to look at. Seriously! I mean, do you know how many films they made about the Titanic?


[Phyllis wants Jack to realize that Nick is trying to get Sharon back…]

Phyllis: I am not being paranoid. Listen to me, we have to keep your wife and my husband apart.

Jack: You know, usually I like you in green.

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