Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/26/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 6/26/07--Canada; Wednesday 6/27/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Wisconsin’s newest state senator, Jack Abbott, arises the morning after his election …]

Jack: You awake?

Ben: Hmm? Yeah.

Jack: I'll tell you, winning an election is a weird sensation.

Ben: Yeah, it's unique. I mean, you're elated, but you're also humbled by the, uh, responsibilities of work ahead. And you're grateful for... the trust that the voters have placed in you.

Jack: I was gonna say I feel invincible and eager to screw over anyone who opposed me.

Ben: At least it hasn't distorted your judgment. 

Jack: I am full of energy and eager to move mountains. First thing I'm gonna do after we develop a legislative agenda is develop Clear Springs. Surely the voters don't expect me to ignore my investments.  

Ben: Clear Springs smells like Sulfur Springs to them, Jack.  

Jack: When did you start with the metaphors?  

Ben: It stinks, is that better? 

[Michael learns from Paul & Maggie that the D.A.’s cases are going ahead … ]

Paul: Some faster than others.

Maggie: Yeah, especially the, uh, Phyllis Newman case.

Michael: Oh, I see.

Maggie: Yeah, the acting D.A. has decided to put that extortion case on the fast track.

Michael: Well, my client will be thrilled to know that her reputation will be restored expeditiously.

Sullivan: You said that without laughing. That's amazing.

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