Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/22/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 6/22/07--Canada; Monday 6/25/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Kevin receives an instant message from Jana… ]

Jana's voice: Hey, Kev. It was so good to see you the other day. I miss you madly. I couldn't stop crying. I think about you every day. Life isn't as much fun without you. Remember all that time we spent in the coffee shop after hours? I couldn't stop thinking about it after seeing how good you looked. I wish we could be together again. I love you, Jana.

Kevin's voice: Jana, I think about you every day, too. I imagine what it would be like to lock you in a freezer, set it on fire and listen to you scream for help. Remember that book about the Shuar Indians from the Amazon? They'd decapitate their enemies, then shrink the head to the size of an orange in order to destroy the soul. That's what I'd like to do to you. Hang your shrunken head by its hair from the cappuccino machine at Crimson Lights. That way I'd see you every day. We could be together forever. [Kevin erases this message] 

[It’s election day in Genoa City and Jack & Sharon run into Gloria at a polling station… ]

Gloria: Well, hello, Sharon. Jack.

Sharon: Hello.

Jack: Well, Gloria, just who I wanted to see. Can I maybe interest you in a Jack Abbott for Senate bumper sticker?

Gloria: I don't think so.

Jack: Well, I'll just give you a pin then.

Gloria: I could poke you in the eye with it.

Jack: Why exactly are you here? I didn't think you cared about politics.

Gloria: You're right. I never paid much attention until I saw your name on the ballot and I would crawl over broken glass to vote against you.

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