Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 6/20/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 6/20/07--Canada; Thursday 6/21/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[During a meeting with David and Kay, Nikki learns from a reporter’s phone call that her latest scandal is all over the Internet…]

Nikki: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Kay: What?

Nikki: Go to Viewclick and--and--

Kay: Did something happen to Victor? I mean, Darling, sit down. It looks like you're gonna faint. Are you all right?

Nikki: I'm...I-I...

Kay: What's the matter?

Nikki: I can't believe this.

Kay: Sweetheart?

Nikki: David?

David: We have a problem.

Kay: You've got a nightmare.  

[Brad & Victoria continue to goad each other through their divorce proceedings… ]

Brad: Hey! You know, I was just looking at this hysterical footage on Viewclick. Have you ever checked out that web site?

Victoria: Are we making small talk now?

Brad: I thought we agreed to try and be civil. And in the interest of civility, how about you lift that restraining order?

Victoria: How about you sell me those properties?

Brad: Let me think about it. No.

Victoria: I can be very persuasive.

Brad: Doubtful.

Victoria: A call to the Ohio state police about two dead bodies and one George Kaplan-- A.K.A.--you.

Brad: Those men could've killed you.

Victoria: Well, you can just share that with your arresting officer.  

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