Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/18/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 6/18/07--Canada; Tuesday 6/19/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Nikki & David come across Phyllis and Sharon, together, at Newman Enterprises…]

Nikki: Well, looks like you two are friends now. Isn't that nice? I'd say it was good to see you…

Phyllis: But then you'd be lying.

Sharon: And it wouldn't be the first lie you ever told.

Phyllis: Or the biggest lie you ever told.

Nikki: What a pair you make. What is your problem?

Sharon: David. We know that you're the one who insinuated Jack's working with organized crime.

David: I assure you. We had nothing to do with those attack ads. Any more than I'm sure your candidate had anything to do with insinuating Nikki supports legalized prostitution.

Phyllis: Of course.

David: We have work to do. Excuse us.

Nikki: We sure do.

Phyllis: They have work to do.

Sharon: Do you think it worked?

Phyllis: I say we should get our popcorn, we're in for a great show. 

[Sharon & Phyllis continue their plot to videotape Nikki & David’s time alone…]

Phyllis: What did you hear? Did you hear anything?

Sharon: No. Nothing.

Phyllis: You know, maybe we could figure out a reason to get them out of there so we could see the footage.

Sharon: Like what? Pulling the fire alarm?

Phyllis: Not the worst idea you've had.

Sharon: Yeah, well, you've been in enough trouble lately.

Phyllis: Don't remind me.

Sharon: How's your back?

Phyllis: You know, thank you for asking. My back is fine. It popped right back into place after I took that spill the other day.

Sharon: Oh, it's a miracle! Miracles do happen.

Phyllis: Yes, they do. You and me working together is proof of that.

[Brad tells Victoria that he submitted a bid on an engineering firm… ]

Victoria: That's funny. I don't remember being notified that there was a meeting.

Brad: Well, the memo went out. Talk to your assistant. It's not my problem.

Victoria: You knew that I didn't want you to buy it and you went behind my back.

Brad: One--as I just said, a memo went out, so I didn't go behind your back. Number two--I'm on the board, remember? We have the authorization to override the C.E.O. have a nice day.

Victoria: Ugh!

J.T.: Want me to put his picture back up on the dart board?

Victoria: Yeah. You might wanna run a few hundred copies of his face because I have a feeling I'm gonna be at it all night.  

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