Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 5/30/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 5/30/07--Canada; Thursday 5/31/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[After Brad suggests to Victoria that they divorce, she phones JT...]

JT: Hey

Victoria: Hey, yourself.

JT: What's up?

Victoria: Uh, I was thinking... I was thinking about your loft.

JT: Yeah, the mess you mean? You've probably never walked on a floor that actually crunches.

[Amber arrives at Daniel's house where he and Kevin are packing Daniel's belongings...]

Daniel: Someone likes to live dangerously.

Amber: I saw Lily’s car parked at the Athletic Club so I just figured the coast was clear.

Kevin: Just promise you’ll keep your shirt on.

Amber: Bite me.

Kevin: I’m sorry. That was insensitive, I apologize. I can be a real “boob” sometimes.

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