Best Y&R Lines Monday 4/30/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 4/30/07--Canada; Tuesday 5/1/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Nikki & Victor argue over her hiring of David as her campaign consultant …]

Nikki: Victor, you’re just angry because you think I’m defying you.

Victor: I’m angry because it’s a foolish decision you made.

Nikki: You are confusing love with control.  You have done that all the years I’ve known you. 

Victor: And you are confusing stubbornness with independence. 

Nikki: What can I say… I learned from the best. 

[Nikki & Victoria arrive at the church for Nick & Phyllis’ wedding …]

Victoria: Well, I’m glad we got here before the press did.

Nikki: Remember what David and Karen said… this is good publicity. 

Victoria: Ok, well, make sure we get a family photo right after the ceremony.  Then, we can have the photographer put real smiles on our faces when he does the re-touching.

[Victor knocks and enters Phyllis’ dressing room to visit with her before the wedding…]

Victor: Are you decent? 

Phyllis: Well that’s a matter of opinion. 

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