Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/25/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 4/25/07--Canada; Thursday 4/26/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Michael & Gloria speculate on evidence found by the D.A. in the Jabot case Ö]

Gloria: Do you know what kind of evidence William has in the tainted cream case?  Huh?

Michael: If I knew Iíd tell you.

Gloria: Well itís the not knowing thatís driving me crazy. 

Michael: Itís a short trip!

[Phyllis asks Michael for advice after she revealed to Nick that she betrayed his trustÖ]

Phyllis: Michael, my past is littered with bodies because I lied.  I want my relationship with Nick to be different. 

Michael: Confessions are good for the soul, but they are hell on relationships. 

[Nick and Jack talk about Jackís sudden marriage to SharonÖ ]

Nick:  Itís a weird world, isnít it?  My ex-stepfather is about to be my sonís stepfather. 

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