Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/11/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 4/11/07--Canada; Thursday 4/12/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Jill is interviewed by Michael as he tries to work out the legal ramifications of Katherine’s drunken baby-switch…]

Jill: …this is Katherine’s fault.  And when the press realizes the truth, they won’t have to go after me or Kane.

Michael: I believe that “He who is without sin casts the first stone” applies to “she” also. 

Jill: Not where Katherine is concerned. 

[Jack tries to convince Ji-Min and Jill to agree to a product tie-in between Jabot and NVP… ]

Jill: Not very long ago, after a “Jack Abbott temper tantrum” worthy of Bobby Knight, you ended the tie-in.

Ji-Min: Now you want to bring it back.

Jill: Not very logical.

Jack: Your unparalleled powers of analysis, Jill, haven’t waned over the years.

Jill: Nor has your forked tongue, Jack. 

[Jill fires yet another barb at Katherine… ]

Jill: Stealing my baby… the thirty year old gift that just keeps on giving.

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