Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 4/10/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 4/10/07--Canada; Wednesday 4/11/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Jill works late into the evening with Ji Min at Jabot, unknowingly under the influence of a libido-enhancing drug placed in the coffee by Gloria and Kevin Ö]

Jill: Wow, itís really getting warm in here.

Ji Min: Really?  Iím fine.

Jill: Yeah, you sure are.

[Lauren asks Michael about his trip to check out the NVP project in Clear Springs Ö]

Michael: The town is definitely in need of restructuring.

Lauren: So if Jackís idea is sound, itís a go?

Michael: Well, yes and no, itís complicated.

Lauren: How complicated?

Michael: Iím not sure.  Knowledge is power.

Lauren: Less cryptic, please?  Iíve been up all night with a teething baby.

Jill continues to feel the effects of being secretly drugged with a libido enhancer while working with Ji Min Ö

Ji Min (reading from an email): Ö risk reduction has been taken care of. 

Jill:  Good, on to the licensing.

Ji Min: Thatís done.  Next up?  The big one.

Jill: Sounds good to me.

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