Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/4/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 4/4/07--Canada; Thursday 4/5/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[Brad & Victoria discuss their property purchase…]

Brad: You know, I was thinking it would make a great summer home.  After the baby’s born, can’t you see all of us there just getting away from it all? 

Victoria: All of us?  Meaning my entire family? 

Brad: Sure.  The place is huge.  Of course, we’ll have to put your parents on separate floors.  

Victoria: At the rate they’re going we might have to put them on separate planets. 

Brad: I’ll see what’s on the market. 

Victoria:  It does sound perfect, though.  You and me, sitting on the porch, sipping tea, watching our children run all around us. 

Brad: In this fantasy of yours, are you vacuuming in your white pearls and freshly-pressed skirt? 

Victoria: Oh no, in my fantasy you are vacuuming actually.

[9-year-old Noah negotiates with Lauren to babysit little Fenn …]

Lauren: When we get home, there’s no radio or television because I want to make sure the baby sleeps, okay?

Noah: Yeah, that’s what baby’s do.  They also... 

Lauren: …oh, yes, yes, you’re right.  They do.  And then we have to change them. 

Noah: Yeah.  Well, just so you know, Lauren… I’m allergic.

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