Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/28/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 3/28/07--Canada; Thursday 3/29/07--USA


Provided By Kent

[David walks in on Jack who is offering ďNo CommentĒ to a phone call regarding Nikkiís senate campaign.]

David (sarcastically): That didnít take too long for word to get out.

Jack: Yeah, I can just see the headlines now: Ex-blonde Hoochie Dancer Runs Against Qualified Candidate 

David: Nice angle.  Too bad the media wonít run with it.

Jack: Canít we at least try? 

[After JT changes his food order to take-out at the GCAC, Adrian confronts him.]

Adrian: So, what is this, your third meal here today? 

JT: I donít know, you tell me.  You following me around with a calculator or something? 

Adrian: You donít come for the food or else youíd eat it. 

JT: Well, since youíre here as often as I am, I could say the same thing. 

Adrian: Got me.  I confess.  I just canít resist Ginaís lasagna. 

JT: Ginaís lasagna.  Now that is an ďold reliableĒ.  Dammit, why didnít I order that? 

Adrian: The perfect food for those who canít move on. 

JT: No wonder you like it.

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