Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/21/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 3/21/07--Canada; Thursday 3/22/07--USA


Provided By Kent

(Phyllis pours a little salt on Brad’s blackmail-induced wound)

Phyllis: I bet you can’t wait for the vote.

Brad: Do you really think I’m going to be intimidated by you?

Phyllis (assuming the epitome of smug): Absolutely, I do.  Definitely.

(Sharon & Dru discuss the Newman board vote and Phyllis’ blackmail scheme) 

Dru: Wow, I mean, I never would have thought that Neil had a chance against Nepotism Nikki but, I gotta tell you… I am feeling that he has got this!

Sharon: Not that you heard anything to make you think that!

Dru: No, of course not… I got so much on my mind, Sharon.  I can’t even begin to tell you… my son… Carmen.  Speaking of bitches, what’s Phyllis doing with you and Brad?

(Jill & Kane discuss their new-found knowledge that they are, indeed, Mother and Son)

Jill: Your birth was very difficult and they kept me sedated for a long time afterward.  So, I had no way of knowing that Katherine kidnapped you and replaced you with another newborn who, by the way, looked just like you.  I mean, I still can’t believe that as drunk as she was she managed to pull all this off!

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