Best Y&R Lines Friday 3/9/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 3/9/07--Canada; Monday 3/12/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Victoria: Yeah. I'm pregnant.

Brad: You're pregnant?

Victoria: Yeah! I'm pregnant.

Brad: You're pregnant!

Victoria: Yeah!

Brad: You're pregnant!

Victoria: Yes!

Brad: Oh! Wow!

Nick: If this is what you want, then I'm glad for you.

Victoria: Why wouldn't it be what I want?

Nick: Hey, I said I'm happy if you're happy.

Victoria: Don't make me come over there and hit you. I'm in no condition, okay? Seriously! What is wrong with you? What's the problem? You don't look very happy for me. What's--what is it?

Nick: I just hope you realize that having a baby with Carlton isn't gonna make all your problems go away.

Phyllis: Ah. You know, I just had a very interesting conversation with a room service waiter who works at a hotel in New York called the Ashford baron. Are you familiar with it? His name is Carlos. He's a great guy. And he remembers that you and Sharon had breakfast last spring... in your robes in Sharon's room.

Brad: That's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Really? He said you had croissants, coffee and orange juice. And there was...I believe it, uh, was served with no cheese, tomatoes instead of potatoes? That must've been Sharon's. No carbs. I'm sure she doesn't want to get fat.

Brad: What do you want, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I want you to vote with nick. That's what I want. Or else Victoria will know what you and Sharon had for breakfast that morning, too.

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