Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 2/27/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 2/27/07--Canada; Wednesday 2/28/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Kevin: Admit it, Michael. This isn't looking good for either of us. I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot. I should've known Jana was too good to be true.

Michael: You're not an idiot. You were in love.

Kevin: Well, I wish I could've just had, like, a normal lousy girlfriend. You know, one that, like, cheats on me or has a bad temper. But, no, instead, I decide to fall for the homicidal maniac.

Neil: No, man. She's stuck here for another two days. So it looks like we're gonna have to help her get through it. Hi, excuse me, nurse? I'd like to see Dru again.

Woman: That's not possible.

Neil: What are you talking about, it's not possible? My lawyer called Dr. Lynch and arranged for special visiting hours.

Woman: Uh, well, for the time being, your wife's visiting privileges have been revoked.

Devon: And why is that?

Woman: She needed a time out.

Neil: A time out?

Jack: Bodi's seat. If your offer for support still stands, I'm gonna run for the state senate.

Nikki: Oh, Jack, are you sure you wanna do that?

Jack: I am absolutely positive.

Victor: Jack Abbott, I'm proud of you-- our own senator from Genoa City.

John: Son, I've never been prouder of you.

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