Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/26/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 2/26/07--Canada; Tuesday 2/27/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Gloria: I'm glad you've finally come around in believing your brother is innocent.

Michael: Yes, I'm very convincing, aren't I?

Lily: Mom, she is dead!

Devon: We saw the body.

Dru: She is not dead! I don't care! No!

Neil: DNA tests prove--

Dru: I don't give a good kitty about that test, okay?! I know you all think you saw something in that alley, but I know who's been-- I know who's been terrorizing me! Why won't you help me?!

[Korbel in Colleen’s room]

Korbel: Hi. You missed the, uh, deadline for the research paper I was telling you about yesterday. Would you wake up if I promised to give you an extension? Idiot. I know-- even by my standards, right? You know, I just-- I just keep thinking about all the... the things that I wanted to say to you, but I didn't. Because I thought they were inappropriate. Like how, uh... how much I love... the way you smile when you're-- when you're teasing me. Or how--how the corners of your mouth turn up just... just a little when you're laughing at me. Or how I can feel... every nerve in my body when we're together. If I close my eyes, I can see every moment that we've shared. And I'm gonna make sure... that we have many more to come.

Korbel: I love you, Colleen.

Korbel: I love you.

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