Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/12/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 2/12/07--Canada; Tuesday 2/13/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Nick: Well, I tried to insist that we stay home, but she had my jacket on and kicked me out of the door before I could suggest it.

Phyllis: It-- no, it wasn't like that. Listen, why should I sit around at home? I mean, that would be like letting... that freak win. What? What's going on? What was that?

Victoria: Well...

Nick: It's just, uh, you know, secret brother and sister language. And we're currently not taking any new members at this time.

Victoria: You can't blame us for worrying about you, Phyllis.

Brad: Kutna Hora?

Victor: That's a town in the Czech Republic.

Rebecca: I was there. Briefly. It was a transit stop for European en route to Auschwitz.

Victoria: But if the letters in the first word were in the proper order, why not the second?

Brad: "Grab." Does that mean anything to you, Mom?

Rebecca: You mean, (German accent) grab. (Normal voice) loosely translated, it means grave or sepulcher in German.

Victoria: Okay, so now we have two clues.

Brad: And another question.

Victoria: What's so important about a grave in a Czech Republic town?

Victor: We're gonna have to find out, won't we?

Jack: I gotta tell you, I was an absolute wreck when I heard that you and the baby had been kidnapped.

Phyllis: Oh. Yeah. You know, when I was, uh, a little girl, I used to wish I had a twin sister. Not anymore.

Nick: I made it to celebrate our first valentine's day together as a family.

Phyllis: Thank you. I... I didn't get you anything.

Nick: It's okay. You're my gift... and our little girl.

Nick: Really? You didn't get me anything?

Phyllis: The stores are still open.

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