Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/9/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 2/9/07--Canada; Monday 2/12/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Devon: They're really into it.

Daniel: Yeah, tell me about it. Girls will obsess about relationships no matter what.

Devon: Even when the "Titanic" was going down, there was some girl on the top deck that said to her friend, "But does he really like me?"

Amber: Maybe. You know, I'd love to watch you play rugby sometime. I'm a huge fan.

Cane: Really?

Amber: Uh-huh. Um, the English--they're great. But, um, the all-blacks-- they're doing really well, too. But my favorite team is the wall of bees.

Cane: Wall of bees? Like, uh... you mean, the Aussie team?

Amber: Yeah.

Cane: It's not the wall of bees. It's the Wallabies. It's like a little kangaroo. It lives in the brush.

Amber: Well, would you rather have your team named after some cuddly little animal or a stinging insect?

Cane: You know what? That's a really good point. I'll have to call the Australian rugby player's association about that one. To the wall of bees. 2007 world cup--here we come.

Esther: You were sick then, Mrs. C. you can't blame a person for being sick.

Jill: Don't give me that. She was a drunk, not a cancer patient!

Kay: I don't know who I gave the baby to.

Jill: No, you don't, Katherine, but you know when you did it. Now I brought my son home December 29, 1976. And the next day you gave him away. December 30th. A storm hits Genoa City. Look at this headline. Jimmy Carter was coming for a town meeting. His plane was almost unable to land. Think! Think! Come on! There was a storm. There was a woman with a baby here, Katherine! Think, please!

Kay: I don't remember.

Esther: Well, maybe if you got hypnotized--

Jill: She doesn't need a hypnotist! She doesn't need another tarot card reader or a psychic! Because it is not a faulty memory that is stopping you from remembering, is it? Its fear and loathing of who you really are.

Lauren: I did what I had to.

Michael: You were perfect.

Lauren: I killed someone.

Michael: I know.

Lauren: And I would do it again a million times over if it would keep our baby safe.

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