Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/8/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 2/8/07--Canada; Friday 2/9/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Sheila: Summer, come to Mommy.

Lauren: Stop it!

Phyllis: No, no, point the gun at me. Don't go near the babies. Point the gun at me! Lauren, point the gun at me!

Lauren: No!

Sheila: You shot the wrong one.

Sheila: You'll never be rid of me.

Will: Was killing Sheila the only way you could stop her from harming the children and Phyllis?

Michael: Don't answer that, Lauren.

Phyllis: No, of course it was. Wait a second, of course it was. Otherwise, we'd all be dead right now.

Michael: Phyllis, I'd really rather you not interrupt us.

Phyllis: No, no, no, that freak-- that freak put my daughter in the line of fire. I'm glad she did it.

Nick: Okay, all right, that's enough for today.

Michael: Look, Lauren was trying to protect the children, Phyllis and herself from a dangerous felon who had tried to kill her multiple times. Deadly force was not only reasonable, but necessary.

Cane: Yeah, but you've been making a life with a green card. How'd you swing that?

Korbel: A good immigration lawyer. Plus, I have a sought after skill, so I was cleared to ply my trade in this country.

Amber: Cane has a work permit, right?

Cane: Oh, yeah, right, on account of my special skills. See, no one can make a Sex on the Beach like I can. Actually, I've got bars all around the world just begging me to come and work for them.

Sullivan: Well, you make a funny looking doorstop.

Paul: Well, I thought you might be sleeping.

Sullivan: No, I'm designing a, uh, T-shirt in my head.

Paul: What kind of a T-shirt?

Sullivan: Well, the "Sheila Carter tried to kill me survivors' club."

Paul: Pretty elite group.

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