Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/1/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 2/1/07--Canada; Friday 2/2/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Gloria: What happened to Jana?

Kevin: Me. She didn't come home last night. I called her a dozen times. She hasn't called me back

Gloria: And why wouldn’t she?

Kevin: Because I blew it, Mom. I told her that I tried to kill Colleen.

Sheila: I love you. I like this. Your husband is so sweet. He's a doll. You know... when he comes home, I think I'm gonna put you in the closet and get close and personal with him. Yeah. But then again, I'm not the kind of woman to abandon my girlfriends for a hot guy. So let's stick with the play date. If you agree, say nothing. Oh, excellent. Mmm.

Carter: Would you be willing to make one twice as substantial? Officially or otherwise?

Jack: Possibly.

Carter: I like what I'm hearing.

Jack: Can I assume that means I can expect a favorable reconsideration from the zoning board?

Carter: Done.

Jack: You've made a wise move, Senator.

Carter: And not for the first time. Ah, Victor Newman hasn't changed a bit.

[Jack hits the wire and starts coughing]

Jack: Wrong pipe.

Scofield: We lost him.

Jack: Oh. So, Senator... tell me about your arrangement with Victor Newman.

Colleen: What? What is it?

Korbel: It's-- it's a famous Latin anagram. You take the words spoken by Pilate-- "What is truth?"-- "Qui est veritas?"-- And you take those same letters and you rearrange them and you--and you come up with the answer. "Est vir qui adest." "The man who is before you."

Colleen: Wow, I mean, that's--that's amazing. You're right.

Korbel: So you ready to do the touchdown dance?

Colleen: No, not yet. I mean, look, so there's the answer. But the problem is, I have absolutely no idea what it means.


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