Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/22/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 1/22/07--Canada; Tuesday 1/23/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Sullivan: Well, let's see... it can't be a blowout with your wife, because you're not married.

Paul: No, and if I were, she would've kicked me out months ago, because I'm spending so much time with a very hot-looking detective.

Sullivan: And I'm pretty sure that the IRS cannot throw you into lock-up until after an audit.

Paul: Yeah, well, I guess I do look like I've been in jail.

Sullivan: For all I know, you've quit shaving as an homage to "Miami Vice." But what has put the dead look in your eyes?

Paul: I'm tired. That's all.

Sullivan: I see that look a lot when I-- when I interview witnesses. You're scared of something. You just don't want to admit it.

Paul: You know, Maggie, I have a master bedroom, a guest bedroom. I've got no interrogation room in this apartment.

Paul: You know, I guess I am my dad's son. I don't wanna drag people into the muck.

Sullivan: You know... cops don't have partners just for back up. If you don't have someone to talk to, you go crazy.

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