Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/18/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 1/18/07--Canada; Friday 1/19/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Sheila: Listen, this is peritonitis-- inflammation of the abdominal wall. I'm in pain. I have a fever. Please, get me meds or I'll go into shock.

Paul: You know what, Sheila? You live by the sword.

Sheila: You don't mean that. Character is destiny. You're Florence Nightingale in drag.

J.T.: Tell me something. Is seducing students part of your new curriculum?

Korbel: Okay, don't do this, J.T. It demeans both of us.

J.T.: You sanctimonious sack of... you disgust me, you know that?

Korbel: Yeah, well, if it's any balm to your wounded ego, I disgust myself. Not because I developed feelings for Colleen, but because I--

we acted on them.

J.T.: Well, you can act on 'em all you want. I'm sure you've heard this by now. We're, uh, we're done. We broke up. So, hell, she's all yours.

Paul: I know what you want.

Sheila: What's that?

Paul: You want out of here and you want Lauren's baby.

Sheila: Oh, okay. I could never put anything past you.

Paul: Somewhere in that twisted mind of yours you're holding that baby in your arms. You're rocking him. And you're singing him to sleep. And finally... at long last... someone loves you.

Sheila: You love me. You're just shy.

Paul: Oh, you think so? I could go over every inch of this cell, wipe away my prints, Michael's, too. Oh, someone would find you. Eventually. After you've been dead a long time. They'd find that crazy lady who stabbed herself to death. And here's the thing-- no one would care. Not one person in this world. I'd be doing a service to humanity. So why don't you just write a note to that poor soul who's gonna find you, while you still can. "My name was Sheila Carter. Sorry I missed you. But I've gone straight to hell where I belong."

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