Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/8/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 1/8/07--Canada; Tuesday 1/9/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Esther: Oh, morning, Mrs. C. Gee, you look like... I mean, you don't look so hot.

Kay: I have a mirror, Esther.

Esther: I'm going to put on a humongous pot of coffee.

Kay: Well, do it. Stop talking about it.

Jill: Don't we look terrible?

Kay: So I'm told.

Man: I came here to meet you.

Dru: Me? Why?

Man: Because I believe you're the person who murdered the woman I loved.

Paul: You're the one who should feel guilty, Sheila. You're the one who spent years terrorizing Lauren. Not to mention, all those unspeakable crimes you committed.

Sheila: You know the difference between you and me, Paul? Is that you're a choirboy. You're Dudley do-right. It goes against everything you believe to keep me locked up in a cell, doesn't it?

Paul: Well, you know, the alternative is a little too frightening to contemplate.

Sheila: Well, all I do is eat and sleep and pace around this cell. Could you get me a couple books?

Paul: Yeah, I might be able to swing that.

Sheila: That's great.

Paul: Anything else?

Sheila: Well, how about a pizza with a hacksaw in it? Then I'm good to go.

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