Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/5/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 1/5/07--Canada; Monday 1/8/07--USA


Provided By Jodi

Kay: I remember giving the baby to someone. It was a woman.

Jill: Who?

Kay: Violet. I only remember bits and pieces, Jill. Finally, I-I persuaded-- got her to take the baby. And she promised that-- that she would raise him for me. And then I gave her the ring because I knew she would need money. It was the ring that I'd dreamed about. You remember that?

Jill: Yes, I remember that.

Kay: And then she took the ring and the baby. And then she disappeared.

Jill: Katherine... if you took Phillip... who did I raise? Where did that baby come from?

Kay: I wish I knew.

Woman: Delivery for Sharon Newman?

Sharon: Oh! Oh, my goodness! Thank you. Here, I'll take that.

Jack: Here you go.

Sharon: The note...

Nick's voice: Dear Sharon, this is the hardest card I've ever had to write. How can I sum up Cassie in a few short sentences? She's so much more than I can put into words. But I wanted to let you know she'll always be a part of the family. Our family.

Nick's voice: The beautiful daughter we raised together will continue to amaze me every day of my life. She was a thoughtful, caring, intelligent young woman who showed me the true meaning of love. Much like her mother. My thoughts are with you both today. Love, Nick.

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