Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/27/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 12/27/06--Canada; Thursday 12/28/06--USA


Provided By Jodi

Paul: You know, Sheila... it's not like your many friends or loved ones are out there searching for you. And if someone were to stumble upon you by accident, you know what I think? They would just assume... that you locked yourself in here by accident.

Sheila: Until I tell them what really happened.

Paul: With your history? Who do you think they're gonna believe?

Sheila: you never told me, who else knows about this? What if something happens to you?

Paul: How touching. Sheila Carter is actually concerned about my safety.

Sheila: I was thinking of my safety, you moron. I could starve to death.

Paul: well, I promise... I will take extra care of myself. Does that reassure you?

Amber: Um... can you do a reading for someone who's not here?

Feather: Of course. What would you like to know?

Amber: Um, I have a friend who's trying to figure out this mystery. Um, can the cards help with that?

Feather: They can give an insight. Concentrate on the question. Okay... open. Uh, "the empress"-- now that represents motherhood, love, gentleness. It also represents emotion and sexuality, so this friend is a very passionate person. She's full of life. Oh, interesting.

Amber: What?

Feather: Uh, "the seven of swords"-- uh, this is reflective of someone who has taken steps to solve a problem through personal daring. She's, uh, unwilling or unable to get help, and so she comes up with schemes of her own, but instead of helping, they only make her feel more isolated. Um... the "ace of cups"-- this is a time of happiness. So it could be a new material object. It could be someone new to love. In this case, I feel very strongly that it's a baby or pregnancy. So the overall reading-- is that this is someone who has been driven to a desperate act that involved great sorrow, but in the future, I see the possibility of great joy.

Sheila: Payback. It's a bitch.


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