Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/25/06

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 12/25/06--Canada; Tuesday 12/26/06--USA


Provided By Jodi

Nikki: Victor and I endowed a scholarship at the business school in your father's name. Every year a student will be selected who shares the same qualities as John Abbott-- honesty, fairness, compassion towards others-- all of the qualities that I know you value.

Dru: Okay, you know, when Neil went to the drycleaners that day, I got in my car quick in a hurry, and I went over to Newman to try to-- to try to convince Carmen not to go through with the trial, but I was in such a mad rush, you see, I forgot my parking pass, so I got a tick--what?

Devon: Wait a minute. You saw Carmen? Did you see Carmen that night?

Dru: No, no, no, I did not see Carmen. You see, I came to my senses. I realized how crazy it would be to try to see her. It would make matters worse, so I got back in my boat. I turned it around. I did not get out of my car. I did not see that woman.

Devon: Did anybody see you?

Dru: No. Guard was not there. It was wide open.

Devon: Why didn't you tell the cops?

Dru: How am I telling the cops, okay? They'd want to ask me a bunch of questions. It would only make matters worse. Now that we have this, baby, let's just turn it over to Michael. He can turn it over to the police, and then we can start working on your defense.

Devon: Well, hang on a second. You want Michael to make it seem like you murdered Carmen?

Dru: Didn't you hear what he said? We have to create doubt, baby. This could be the answer to everything. What?

Devon: No! Hell, no! I am not gonna let Michael clear my name by making you look guilty.


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