Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/14/06

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 7/14/06 -- Canada; Monday 7/17/06 -- USA


Provided By Jodi

Abby: Don't cry, Zapato. It's okay. Victor, be careful. You'll burn yourself.

Victor: Don't worry. The fire won't hurt me.

Abby: Aah!

Victoria: Abby, what is it? What's wrong?

Abby: Victor just stuck his hand in the fire.

Dr. Morris: It is. Uh, I wanted to talk to you because I think it's important that you know what to do if your father has a seizure at home.

Victoria: That's a scary thought.

Dr. Morris: It's very possible that he could have one. So it's critical that you keep the situation under control.

Victoria: Yeah, of course.

Dr. Morris: Seizures can cause a loss of consciousness. You should protect the person by removing all harmful objects around the area, and then cushion their head. If they have trouble breathing, then you should place them in the recovery position?

Dr. Morris: Turn them over onto their side to help ensure an open air passage. You always want to be calm, reassuring.

Dr. Morris: Never restrain the person or put anything in their mouth. The best thing is to just... let the seizure happen.

Victoria: My dad's never had a seizure like this, doctor.

Dr. Morris: But he could. I can't stress that enough. Victor has been experiencing simple, partial seizures, which include disturbances to the hearing, vision, smell or taste. There are many different types of seizures, and his... can become more serious. So it's always good to know the proper procedure.

Phyllis: I don't want to ruin anybody's marriage. I don't want to cause any more pain.

Jack: What if it's what he wants... to give up his marriage? Wow. You can't even cover it, can you? You'd take up with him in a minute.

Woman: The doctor's ready for you, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: I think that I have wasted enough time on this.


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