Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 7/12/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 7/12/06 -- Canada; Thursday 7/13/06 -- USA


Provided By Jodi

Sharon: Phyllis is pregnant.

Nikki: What?!

Victor: Ask yourself an honest question. What do you want the test results to be?

Nick: Everyone keeps asking me that.

Victor: And?

Nick: I want the baby to be mine.

Phyllis: Well, what's the point until we find out who the father is? Listen, I want you to know that whatever comes, I don't expect anything from you.

Nick: I thought about this all night last night. I've run every possible scenario through my mind. Now I don't know what's right and what's wrong. I'm not clear about anything. One thing I'm certain of is that no matter... who the father of this baby turns out to be... I love you.

Phyllis: Um... I don't know what to say. As -- as if this situation weren't complicated enough.

Nick: Yeah, it would be a whole lot easier if we could let go of each other.

Jack: I'll tell you what. Forget coffee, let me buy you lunch.

Carmen: You're on. But I pick the place.

Jack: Okay, you pick the place. As long as it doesn't include a plane.

Carmen: Oh, so Paris is out?

Jack: Paris is out.

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