Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/30/06

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 6/30/06 -- Canada; Monday 7/3/06 -- USA


Provided By Jodi

Nick: You know, I get what you were saying about how every kid needs a father.

Phyllis: Every kid needs to feel loved, safe and secure.

Nick: Well, if this child turns out to be mine, trust me, I'm not gonna make your life more complicated.

Phyllis: You say that now...

Nick: I'm serious. I'm not gonna leave you to fend for yourself. I will do anything and everything I can to support you.

Phyllis: What are you gonna do? Write me a check every month? Take a break from work just to come and see junior?

Nick: That's up to you. I'll do whatever you want.

Phyllis: I want... my child to have a happy home-- the kind that I didn't have. The kind that... nobody has, except on TV.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Now, before we start digging in, I'm gonna teach you how to take a watermelon seed, put it in your mouth, and then we spit it into the cup. Like that. Well, try to spit it into the cup.

Abby: I'm not allowed to spit in the house.

Noah: Know. If I did this, I'd definitely get in trouble.

Victor: Don't you worry, Sweetheart. This is my house.

Nikki: Okay.

Noah: Darn!

Victor: I can do anything I want to.

Nikki: Good God in heaven, Victor. You're not teaching them how to spit!

Victor: And then, I was just about to give up. And I see this huge shadow beneath the surface of the water.

Noah: Was it the monster?

Abby: Was it?

Victor: Well, we'll never know for sure. But I can tell you one thing. Those eyes looking at me-- what scary eyes-- not like any fish eyes I'd ever seen in my life.

Abby: What happened then?!

Victor: Well, then the monster spit up the hook. And then it just... was gliding away. Now my mother thinks it was all my imagination. I think it may have been the monster.

Abby: Wow.

Noah: Wow.

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: Would you choose -- me or Jack?

Phyllis: It doesn't matter who I want. It is what it is.

Nick: Well, if that baby's mine, I wanna know.

Phyllis: You do?

Nick: I know it's possible to do DNA test before the baby is born. So if it's okay with you, I'd like to do that right away.

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