Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/19/06

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 6/19/06 -- Canada; Tuesday 6/20/06 -- USA


Provided By Jodi

Jack: What is this? A meeting of the kennel club?

Victor: Hey, Jack. Say hello to Zapato. Isn't he something?

Jack: Yeah, he is. Uh, what's he doing here?

Victor: Well, you know, I read an article in a magazine that animals lower the stress on people. So I thought it would be very good for the employees around here. You know, it just does something for the morale. Make them more productive.

Jack: Then Zapato is our new head of Human Resources?

Victor: (Chuckles) I love that! You hear that, Zapato? You're the head of Human Resources! I love that. That's a good title for you.

Jack: Don't worry. He's paper trained. He is paper trained, isn't he?

Victor: Well, you know, we don't know. But what we could do is we could use the third quarter projections that I don't like anyway, spread them out on the floor and find out. Right, Zapato?

Jill: Oh, my lord, is that who I think it is?

Kevin: From the DA's office, isn't he? The guy that put Mr. Abbott in prison?

Jill: You're "Beatles 1."

Will: And you must be "chick-in-charge." I think we have a date for coffee.

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