Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 6/14/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 6/14/06 -- Canada; Thursday 6/15/06 -- USA


Provided By Jodi

Dr. Thompson: The results of the amniocentesis show that your baby has tested negative for all genetic disorders and defects. That's great news.

Lauren: Thank God.

Michael: So our baby's fine, right?

Lauren: Yeah! Yeah! Oh, that's so wonderful!

Michael: Didn't I tell you there was nothing to worry about?

Lauren: I told you there was nothing to worry about! Thank you! Thank you!

Nick: Well, they don't call me master of the grill for nothing.

Victoria: Oh, yeah? Well, uh, Brad swears that he is king of the 'cue.

Nick: Yeah, right.

Victoria: And I think I'm smelling a cook off. And you can even wear one of those really lame aprons if you want to.

Nick: Okay, now you're starting to win me over.

Phyllis: Well, not really. I mean, I just wanted to come and see things. The rest of my life is giving me a headache of monumental proportions.

Lauren: Oh, well, I have the acetaminophen in my purse if you need it.

Phyllis: Oh, I was thinking of something stronger.

Lauren: Mmm, really?

Phyllis: Nothing cures a headache better than a spontaneous purchase of jewelry.

Lauren: We must be related!

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