Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 6/7/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 6/7/06 -- Canada; Thursday 6/8/06 -- USA
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Provided By Jodi

Nikki: I forgot to tell you on the drive in. I'm gonna be here late tonight.

Victor: Some new lover you haven't told me about?

Nikki: Oh, dozens and dozens. I can't train them to do what you do.

Gloria: Oh, thank you. That is why I am so glad you're in charge. If I'd run this by Jack, he would've said, "You're stupid," or something.

Jill: I wish that you two could learn to coexist.

Gloria: Oh, okay, in all fairness, I think we're making a little bit of progress.

Jill: Well, I know he's been in a foul mood ever since he was fired from Chancellor.

Gloria: Don't you worry about that, 'cause he's already got himself a new job.

Jill: What? Already? Where?

Gloria: Newman Enterprises.

Jill: What?! Brad's is on the board over there and now Jack's working there? What, has the whole world gone wacko?

Gloria: Personally, I couldn't be happier. Now he's somebody else's problem.

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