Best Y&R Lines Monday 5/29/06

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 5/29/06--Canada; Tuesday 5/30/06--USA
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Nick: Well, for one thing, we're gonna raise money for a good cause--RENEL. It's not just the money. We're gonna get people together to remember Cassie. Don't you think Cassie would've loved that?

Sharon: What I would love is to have her with me now-- alive.

Nick: But she's not. Now come on, be honest, when you were working to get Jewel to perform at the benefit, didn't you think how cool Cassie would think this would be? And the memory book with tributes from her friends? Doesn't that help keep her alive in our hearts?

Sharon: What about you, Nick? How do you keep her alive in your heart? With everything you've done to destroy this family, it must be difficult.

Dru: All right, what happened? Don't tell me he was cheating on you, Sharon! Unh-unh!

Sharon: Yeah.

Dru: Is it someone that...

Sharon: That I know? Oh, yeah, it was.

Dru: Oh, who? Who?

Sharon: Phyllis.

Dru: Phyllis?! That bitch! Are you kidding me?! Nick and-- that is outrageous! She should be tarred and feathered and dragged out of town!

Sharon: Absolutely!

Dru: Don't let that two-bit whore destroy your marriage.

Victor: Hello, Neil. I have given a lot of thought to our earlier discussion and you're right. Neither I, nor the company have shown you sufficiently how much we value you.

Neil: Thank you.

Victor: And as you quite rightly said... words are not enough. Therefore, I have decided... to make a substantial gift.

Neil: There are no more seats on the board, Victor. And what do you mean, a gift?

Victor: This is different. I am giving you something that I think you will value a lot.

Neil: Okay, what is that?

Victor: My private jet.

Neil: Your--your jet? You're joking!


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