Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/18/06

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 5/18/06--Canada; Friday 5/19/06--USA
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Nick: Dad just shocked the hell out of us.

Nikki: What?

Victor: I've decided to stop all the discord in our family. Therefore, I've concluded that it's best to appoint Bradley to the vacant seat on the board of directors of Newman enterprises.

Kay: You're looking well.

John: Liar.

Kay: They, uh, confiscated the cake I brought with the file in it.

John: You know, Katherine, I think you're a little out of your element here.

Kay: Well, it's certainly not a country club, is it?

Dru: Hey.

Neil: Go away, Dru, I wanna be alone.

Dru: Neil, don't try to pull a Garbo on me. You know, if it makes you feel any better, I just gave Victor Newman a piece of my mind. Yes, I did.

Neil: Tell me you didn't do that!

Dru: What do you mean?

Neil: That's a great move. Great move, Dru. Confronting Victor-- even if you are my wife-- makes us both look unprofessional. Do you understand that?

Dru: Baby, I was trying to help you out!

Neil: I don't need your help! I don't want your help! Do me a favor. Stay outta my life!

Paul: What about this kid?

J.T.: It sure looks like the Brad we know. What do you suppose it means?

Paul: I think that the man we know as Brad deliberately took on the identity of a childhood friend.

J.T.: So if the Brad we know isn't the real Brad Carlton... then who the hell is he? And what happened to the real Brad Carlton?


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