Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 5/17/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 5/17/06--Canada; Thursday 5/18/06--USA
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Provided By Jodi

Victor: Why is it so hard to believe that I will feel sympathy for Jack?

Ashley: Uh...

Victor: Not only is he asked to pay an enormous price for losing his temper, but he feels very guilty about your product having caused so much harm.

Ashley: Yeah, I know. I've just never known you to feel such compassion towards my brother.

Victor: Ordinarily, I wouldn't.

Ashley: Okay. Still, I find it somewhat amazing.

Victor: Well, don't spread it around. You know I have a reputation to protect. I'm a ruthless tyrant, remember?

Jack: How long have you been letting me walk around this town with people laughing at me, or worse still, feeling sorry for me because I was the last to learn that Phyllis was lifting her skirt for Nick Newman! How many people know? Brad knows. Who else? Victor?

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: Nikki?

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: Wow. Boy, the list goes on, doesn't it? And when all these people knew your dirty little secret-- Victor and Brad and Nikki and Sharon and God knows who else-- probably half the secretarial pool from Newman Enterprises-- you didn't have the decency to tell me. You didn't have the basic kindness to tell me. God, you must think so little of me.

Phyllis: What do you want me to tell you? That I'm a horrible person? And I wanted to make you a laughing stock? And embarrass you? Is that what you want me to say? God, I hate it when you tell me what I am and what I think, because you have no idea. I didn't tell you because I was confused. I didn't tell you because I was afraid. And I didn't tell you because I love you. And I still love you.

Victor: No, what I have to say is no secret. I talked to Henry Madigan this morning. As some of you may recall, he has not been well lately. And therefore, has not been as active on the board of directors as he would like to be.

Nick: I hope you gave him our best.

Victor: I did.

Victoria: So what does this mean?

Victor: It means that there's now a vacancy on the board of directors of Newman Enterprises. And I recommend that Brad fill that vacancy.


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