Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/12/06

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 5/12/06--Canada; Monday 5/15/06--USA
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Provided By Jodi

Kay: Our strategy is no longer working, Jack.

Jack: Give it time, Katherine.

Kay: We just don't have the time. I mean, this boycott is--

Jack: I know, I know, it's eating our lunch.

Kay: Well, I have no choice but to take action.

Jack: What kind of action?

Kay: Effective immediately, you no longer control this company.

Jack: What?

Kay: Jill will be reporting to me directly. And your duties at Chancellor Industries no longer involve Jabot Cosmetics.

Victor: I understand you're stepping back from the limelight.

Jack: Oh, is that what we're calling it?

Victor: It's what the newspaper talked about, yes.

Jack: What did the newspaper talk about?

Victor: They were sort of trying to read the tea leaves-- trying to interpret what Katherine meant by her statement. It must be difficult to make the sacrifice. I'm sorry.

Jack: I'm to believe you're sympathetic to my cause? Give me a break. The only reason you're sorry is you can't take credit for bringing me down.

Jack: Oh, yeah. It's enough for me to run the rest of her empire, but the one company I care the most about-- no, that's in the capable hands of Jill Abbott now.

Victor: Now, Jack, if you don't mind my saying so, this attitude does not inspire forgiveness.

Jack: "Inspire forgiveness?"

Victor: Yes.

Jack: How do I do that? Build a Rec center?

Victor: It worked for me. You have a nice day.


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