Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/2/06

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 5/2/06--Canada; Wednesday 5/3/06--USA
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Victor: I thought we had already discussed your situation.

Brad: You're keeping me on the payroll, yet you took a division I was running and reassigned it to Neil. Hardly a vote of confidence.

Victor: In other words, you're upset now and you wanna resign. Is that it?

Brad: Yes, on one condition-- you give Victoria her job back.

Victoria: Oh, boy! Oh, Phyllis! This is almost too hot!

Phyllis: No, no, no, are you kidding? I almost bought one for myself. I know Nick would love to see it on me.

Colleen: I've been listening to everyone say wonderful, wonderful things about Victoria marrying my father. And I would just like to add to that.

Lily: Colleen...

Colleen: Um, it's okay. Dad... I adore you. I really do. And I think that you're the greatest guy in this whole world. And it seems that you've found a woman that can make you happy. And no one deserves it more.

Jill: Hear, hear.

Colleen: But... um, look, I just want us all to be happy. And since Victoria's about to become my stepmom and Abby's, too. I just wanna make sure that she's the right woman to welcome into the family. So, with that being said, Dad, um, I hope that you can understand why you have to postpone this wedding.

Brad: Colleen...

Colleen: Because the thing is, she's been sleeping around.

Brad: Colleen, that's enough!

Colleen: And I think it would be better if we waited until we got the results for her S.T.D. test. Cheers.


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