Best Y&R Lines Monday 5/1/06

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 5/1/06--Canada; Tuesday 5/2/06--USA
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Victor: All right, I asked you a question. What's going on?

Nick: What makes you think something's going on?

Victoria: Are you telling us we no longer have a right to our privacy?

Victor: When my children and my wife are having a conversation that they don't want me to hear... I think I have a right to ask a question.

Victoria: And we have a right to say that is none of your business.

Nikki: All right, okay, okay, okay, enough of this. I'll tell you. Our children and I have been discussing what a monster you've become.

Jack: He may have cut a few corners. But we needed that information.

Kay: Define cutting corners, please.

Jack: He's a private investigator, Katherine. They have ways of getting information.

Kay: Illegal ways?

Jack: I didn't ask for any of the specifics. I told him I needed leverage in this case.

Kay: My God, I cannot believe you would take a risk like that.

Jack: Katherine, I was only trying--

Kay: I know exactly what you were trying to do, Jack! I mean, have you ever thought about how much worse our situation could be if this becomes public knowledge?

Gloria: You hear that, Kevin? Now we're getting someplace. Go ahead, Jack, tie the rope around your neck and jump!

Kay: Well, Jack, we're waiting.

Nick: Sharon, I did not betray my father. It's the other way around.

Sharon: Naturally, you'd see it that way.

Nick: It is not right what he did.

Sharon: Nick, it's his company.

Nick: And how many times has he used this company to punish me?

Sharon: You know what? You are becoming an expert at justifying your own actions. But this is not what this family needs. Especially not tonight.

Nick: That's not fair.

Sharon: Really? How can you plot against your father on the anniversary of Cassie’s accident? How can you do that, Nick?

Nikki: You could've had it all. You could've worked side by side with me as partners. And you could've enjoyed watching the kids carry on your legacy. But you threw it all away.

Victor: Didn't you hear any of what I just said? You're the one who threw it all away.

Nikki: I did not.

Victor: Do you know how many people would love the kind of life that I offered you? A life of leisure? Do you know how many people would love to have this lifestyle? But obviously, it wasn't enough for you, now was it?

Nikki: How dare you say that to me? I thought you really understood how important a career was to me. Obviously not.

Victor: And I should never have indulged that whim!

Nikki: N.V.P. was not a whim!

Victor: Things were so much simpler, weren't they? When you were just my wife.


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