Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/12/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 4/12/06--Canada; Thursday 4/13/06--USA
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Lauren: You can't hear anything yet.

Michael: Shh, shh. I do. I hear something, I swear.

Lauren: Yeah, well, I hate to tell you, its lunch-- in stereo.

Michael: No, I... all right, when? When? When are you gonna start to show? Because I want-- I want something I can-- I can see. I can hear, you know, listen to. You know, I need that. I want that now.

Lauren: Okay, well, you're just gonna have to wait, just a little bit.

Michael: I wonder if you can have twins. I've never asked Gloria if that runs in our family.

Lauren: Oh, my God, don't put that out in the universe! Let's just do one at a time, okay?

Michael: All right, sorry. I don't mean to be greedy.

Lauren: You know, I was hoping you'd be happy, but I had no idea you'd be this over the moon.

Victor: So anytime you're finished with one of your deliveries, just talk to me and I'll try to get you into a meeting.

Daniel: Really? Well, thank you. That's very cool.

Victor: You better remain a fly on the wall.

Daniel: Absolutely, Mr. Newman.

Woman: Excuse me, Mr. Newman, I can't find Victoria or Nicholas. And there's a call from Mr. Sabatino in Rome. He sounds upset.

Victor: Thank you, I will take it in my office. Come on. You may as well be privy to an international business call. Buongiorno, Frederico. Come va? Bene, grazie. Mm-hmm. Yes, I did. No, we didn’t. No, Frederico, we negotiated a price, then we signed an option agreement. And now you have second thoughts, is that it? In other words, you're trying to renege? Frederico, in our country we have a term for that. You'd be called a "Crybaby." I think, if memory serves me correctly, in your language, you would be called a piagnucolone. That's right. Piacere.

Lily: Um, Dad, I have to... I have to do my salesperson thing.

Neil: Oh, uh... you mind if I watch?

Lily: A little. It's not a good idea. I gotta be all chirpy and stuff.

Neil: Oh, right, right. Well, I wouldn't want to be around when you're being chirpy. Hey, come here, kid. I love you to pieces. I'll talk to you later. Be careful, okay?

Lily: I love you, too, Dad-- I mean, sir, thank you for coming in today.

Gloria: Stop it. Don't you do this to me, Kevin. Please.

Kevin: This is for your own good, Mom. It's not about hiding information, okay? Well, it is, but it's a lot worse than that.

Gloria: Oh, God.

Michael: Go on, spit it out, Kevin.

Kevin: It was Mom. Mom tampered with the cream. Mom is responsible for that woman's death.


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