Best Y&R Lines Thursday 3/30/06

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 3/30/06--Canada; Friday 3/31/06--USA
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 Kevin: Harm has already been done, Mom. Jabot's in a lot of trouble.

 Gloria: Jabot's not to blame. It's Jack's fault.

 Kevin: Well, regardless of who or what, I'm sure you won't be shedding any tears, given how you feel about them. Itís funny how things work out.

 Kevin: I'm onto you, Mom.

 Gloria: Are you accusing me of something, Kevin?

 Kevin: I wouldn't have to if you would just be straight with me.

 Gloria: Listen, if you wanna know if I did this, ask me.

 Kevin: Fine. Did you?

 Gloria: Yeah.

 Neil: Wow, that's weird.

 Paul: What is?

 Neil: Well, this parental consent form. They put down that Dru is deceased. That's a little dark, isn't it?

 Paul: Well, Lily was probably very upset with her mother at the time.

 Neil: And here, in the space for father, they put Malcolm Winters. Why would-- why would they have done that? What does my brother have to do with this?

 Nick: I don't recognize that. Have you worn it before?

 Sharon: I havenít... but someone else has.

 Nick: Who?

 Sharon: Phyllis.

 Nick: Phyllis?

 Sharon: Come on, Nick... don't be shy. I saw Phyllis buy this exact outfit.

 Nick: It's news to me.

 Sharon: No, it isnít. She bought it for you.

 Nick: Why would she do that?

 Sharon: Tell me, Nick, was she wearing this when you two had sex in this hotel room? Or how about when you were in the stables? Or perhaps it was the cheap motel room that you stayed in during the snowstorm? But then, it could've been any number of occasions. How many others were there, Nick? Tell me! How long has this affair with Phyllis been going on?!


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