Best Y&R Lines Thursday 3/9/06

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 3/9/06--Canada; Friday 1/6/06--USA
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Mac: Okay, stop. No, I get it. You slept with someone else. I don't need all the details.

J.T.: I wasn't gonna tell you the details.

Mac: Then don't.

J.T.: I didn't do this to hurt you.

Mac: Yeah, no, no, no, of course, I totally get that. I mean, we live together. And you had sex with someone else. And, obviously, don't worry, I know you didn't mean to hurt me.

Gloria: A person can only do so much shopping. You know, Ashley may be a top-notch chemist, but I don't think she or Jack are managing that company worth a hill of beans.

Michael: I hardly think they're gonna run their own family business into the ground.

Gloria: Honey, don't you be so sure. Without John there to keep 'em reined in--

Michael: All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. If you're gonna run with the big dogs, you're gonna need my help. Because all you've managed to do so far is to alienate everybody involved.

Gloria: I'm listening.

Michael: When you are a minority shareholder, you have to create relationships. You have to build coalitions. You have to see consensus among like-minded colleagues. It's all about alliances. But above all, do not burn your bridges. Today's enemies... they may be tomorrow's allies.


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