Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 3/8/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 3/8/06--Canada; Thursday 3/7/06--USA
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Victoria: I've asked myself the same question. Where do things stand between Bradley and me?

Nick: Did you come up with any answers?

Victoria: (Sighs) you know, last night kinda blew my mind. One minute, I'm talking about taking things slow with Brad. And the next, I'm sleeping with another guy, totally on impulse. I barely know J.T. What was I thinking? I mean, you don't go and-- go and do something like that if you're in love with a person, right?

Nick: That's not always true.

Victoria: Really?

Nick: No, you know, even when things aren't working between two people, love just doesn't disappear. It's a lot more complicated than that. Sis, you gotta look inside your heart and ask yourself what do you really feel for Brad?

Michael: Only about a thousand times. But then I met Lauren. Wait a minute, is this about jack? You and jack? Is he being unreasonable again?

Phyllis: (Sighs) no, not at all.

Michael: All right, so what's the problem?

Phyllis: Michael, I love Jack. I love him. And I probably always will. But... I'm not in love with him. I'm not in love with him anymore.

Michael: Wow.

Phyllis: Okay, I said it out loud.

Michael: Yeah, scary.


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