Best Y&R Lines Thursday 3/2/06

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 3/2/06--Canada; Friday 1/6/06--USA
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John: Victor.

Victor: Hello, John.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Victor: I want to speak on your father's behalf.

Jack: Really?

John: I appreciate your support.

Jack: So do I.

Michael: John, it's time. Judge Borden is ready to begin.

Colleen: I can't even put into words what my granddad means to me. Ever since I was a little girl, if I ever had a problem, I could always go to him. He... he was always there for me even when my own two parents were busy. Your honor, please... don't take my granddad away from me. I need him. We all need him. He's the glue that holds our family together.

Phyllis: Oh, right. Right. It's still snowing.

Nick: It better be. I paid a fortune for that.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: All right, it stopped snowing, like, hours ago. I got a guy up on the roof. He's got a snow machine. He's dropping flakes all over the window.

Phyllis: You're funny. I adore you.

Nick: I'm irresistible, that's why.

Phyllis: And humble.

Nick: And clever.

Phyllis: And modest.

Nick: And hot.

Phyllis: I can resist you.

Nick: No, you canít.

Phyllis: Yeah, I can.

Nick: No, you canít.

Phyllis: Yeah, I can.

Jill: I'm John's ex-wife, your honor, and we have a son together. And despite the differences that led up to our divorce, we have remained good friends and colleagues ever since. Because John Abbott is the finest, most sensitive man I have ever know. And it was his unselfish caring for others that has landed him in this terrible situation. He is first and foremost a family man. And the truth is, he was afraid for his family-- for his wife, for his daughter, for his granddaughter. I'm telling you, had he been any less caring, he never would've been pushed to do something that extreme.

Kay: John and I have been dear friends for over 50 years. And I have never known him to do one single violent thing. And this man also gives true meaning to the word "sacrifice." Oh, your honor, you may have heard of or maybe you know-- she's a highly respected attorney here in Genoa City-- Christine Blair. Well, uh, Ms. Blair's mother Jessica was diagnosed with A.I.D.s. And even though the woman was terminally ill, John married her just to give her peace and comfort to her final days. This is... they very essence of a man who is compassionate and very noble and a gentleman.

Jack: My father is a man respected by everyone who's ever dealt with him. He has lived an exemplary life, making only one serious mistake in all of his years of service to his fellow man. To remove him from his family, from his friends, and more than that, from the community he serves seems to me a crime in and of itself. Believe me, he knows the enormity of what he's done. He has to live with that for the rest of his life. And for a man of my father's conscience... that is punishment enough. Your honor, please, have mercy on a decent, honorable, good man.

Victor: Your honor, even though John Abbott has been a long-time business rival, he's always been a role model in this cutthroat world of business. This decent man has never been appreciated enough by the society around him. It seems that this society rewards those... who win their gains through treachery and greed. He has been a decent man who has done a lot of charitable work for his community. I appeal to you to allow him to return to that community and to work for it as graciously as he has in the past. Thank you, you honor.

Ashley: I would like to begin, your honor, by saying that Tom Fisher was a vile human being who threatened my family for months. When we believed that Lauren Fenmore was murdered, we believed that Tom Fisher killed her. And that only heightened that threat. Now granted, the night that Fisher phoned my father's home, all of us that were involved should've stayed out of it. And we should've let the police handle the situation. But we were frightened. We were afraid of-- of what this dangerous and aggressive man might do. So, your honor, please, what you have to understand is that what my father did that night was not a criminal act. It was a loving act. It was. By a father and husband who was trying to do what he thought was necessary to protect his family. I mean, you can see what happened that night goes against everything that he is-- everything he stands for and believes in. Can't you see that?

John: I have to tell you... hearing the words of my family and friends, I'm--I'm overwhelmed. And I'm deeply touched by your love and your support. Strangely enough, they seem more forgiving of me than I am of myself, your honor. But believe me, sir, I know what I've done is wrong. And whatever punishment you decide to give me, well... the awareness of the responsibility of taking another man's life... that's something that will haunt me till the day I die. I've not only violated society's rules, I've violated my own. And what I've done is abhorrent to everything I've ever believed in in my life. And I'm filled with remorse about it. So... your honor, all I can ask of you now... is mercy.

Phyllis: I've never felt this way with anybody.

Nick: I wanna know everything about you.

Phyllis: You're gonna be sorry you asked that.

Phyllis: Anyway... I think about you all the time.

Phyllis: When... when I wake up in the morning, I'm thinking about you. And when I go grocery shopping, I think about you. And when I get the newspaper, I wonder if you're reading the newspaper. And when I'm drinking my coffee in the morning, I wonder what you're doing. The other day I was so distracted, I was pouring myself some coffee and I burned my hand.

Nick: Where? Like, uh... right here?

Phyllis: I can't imagine my life without you in it.

Borden: John Abbott, for the crime voluntary manslaughter in the death of Tom Fisher, I hereby sentence you to a term of seven years in the Wisconsin state penitentiary. (Gavel pounds)

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