Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 2/14/06

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 2/14/06--Canada; Wednesday 2/15/06--USA
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Daniel: You know, this is really great, Colleen. I mean, you helping Lily and me out like this.

Colleen: Hey, it's kinda fun. You know, intrigue and all that.

Daniel: So can I count on you again?

Colleen: What's up?

Daniel: Okay, I need to see Lily-- like, this morning.

Colleen: Uh-oh. Someone forgot about school.

Daniel: No, someone's just not going.

Colleen: Bailing on account of true love?

Daniel: Calculus and physics I do without for a day.

Colleen: But you need your Lily fix.

Gloria: Well, I hope you're happy.

John: Now, Gloria--

Gloria: No, no, no.

John: Gloria, stop it!

Gloria: I thought that we were on the same team. I thought that you understood what's at stake here. But I guess I was wrong! Please, John!

John: That is enough!

Gloria: Your father applies just a little bit of pressure to you, and you cave in. Well, thank you, Ashley! Thanks one hell of a lot for nothing!

Daniel: Pretty much. Look, I was just hoping I could meet her here every once in a while.

Gina: Oh, Daniel, I don't know.

Daniel: Why not?

Gina: Look, I like Lily. But I don't think I should get in the middle of this. I don't need your mother and the Winters on my case.

Daniel: Hey, listen, Aunt Gina, I promise we won't be here all the time. You know, we'd just come every once in a while when it's not busy. And back there, no one's even gonna see us. You won't even know that we're there.

Gina: I don't feel so good about this.

Daniel: Aunt Gina, please? Listen, after everything that Lily and I have been through, this would mean so much to us. Would you be our Friar Lawrence? You know, like "Romeo and Juliet"?

Gina: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've read "Romeo and Juliet." Are you sure that's who you want me to be? Because as I recall, it didn't work out so well for the two of them.

Daniel: Okay, so maybe that's not the greatest metaphor. Will you just please do this?

Gina: Oh, my God, I need my head examined.

Daniel: So you'll do it?

Gina: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: Thank you!


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