Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/9/06

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 2/9/06--Canada; Friday 2/10/06--USA
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Paul: And what was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to just stand by and watch you sacrifice

Ashley: You should have talked to me before you agreed to help him!

Paul: And what difference would that have made? If I didn't take the case, he would've hired somebody else.

Ashley: You betrayed me. It's that simple. And you sentenced my father to death!

Ashley: I know what you're gonna say, Dad. And if you think a few words are gonna calm me down, you can forget it. As angry as I am with Paul, I'm even angrier with you. I can't believe how deceitful you've been.

John: Me?

Ashley: In the hospital you promised Jack and me that you would not do anything rash. Then you go to Will Bardwell and confess. And now you've asked Paul to try to find something to prove you're guilty?

John: I had to do something. Bardwell doesn't think I killed Fisher.

Ashley: And for that we should be eternally grateful.

John: No, no, you may be grateful, but I'm not. And how dare you lecture me on deception? You've been lying to the police from the very beginning.

Ashley: Daddy! If you go to prison, it will destroy you.

John: No. What will destroy me is knowing that my daughter is being locked away for something I did.

Ashley: We don't know for sure that I would be convicted, Dad. I have a much better chance of beating these charges than you do because I'm a woman. I could--I could say that he threatened me, that Tom said he had a gun and I was just trying to protect myself!

John: Are you saying you would lie under oath?

Ashley: If I had to? You better believe I will.

John: You know what I was just thinking about?

Ashley: What?

John: I'm remembering something that happened, oh, many years ago. Let's see. You were about 3. Jack was sick with the flu. And I was up late taking care of him. And then you woke up from a nightmare, came toddling into me, needing comforting. So I walked you back to your bed, sat beside you, gave you a back rub.

Ashley: You always gave great back rubs, Dad.

John: And after a couple of minutes, you looked up at me and you said, "this feels good, Daddy, but you need your rest." Can you imagine that? 3 years old, and you were already putting other people's needs ahead of your own. It gave me a glimpse of the kind of woman you were going to be. A woman with a great heart, whose first instinct was always to put others first-- especially family. Now, my beauty, this time you can't listen to your instinct. You've gotta listen to me. And trust me. And trust that I know what needs to be done for everyone.

Ashley: Daddy...

John: Now listen, I know it's scary. Hell, it's scary for me, too. But I'm asking you to trust me. Will you come with me to Will Bardwell's office? Let's make this thing right.

Ashley: All right.

John: You mean that?

Ashley: I'll do it, Daddy. I hate it. But I'll do it.

John: It'll be all right. It'll be all right.


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