Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 1/31/06

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 1/31/06--Canada; Wednesday 2/1/06--USA
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John: You know?

Jack: About the shooting? Yeah.

John: Why would you let your sister take the blame?

Jack: Dad, I just found out about this.

John: Do you realize the burden she's been carrying, the toll that this has taken on Abby?

Jack: Dad, this is going to take a toll one way or the other. And Ashley has a better chance of beating these charges than you do.

John: Jack, you think so?

Jack: Ashley's a woman. Tom was stalking her. He threatened her. She was frightened to death. She had every reason to believe he was going to harm her.

John: So you think I should let her do this?

Jack: Look, we just talked to Reese. He said the most important thing for you right now is to get some rest. Your heart will not take the strain of a long, drawn-out trial-- much less--God forbid, the possibility of prison.

John: So what this means is I let my daughter, who is innocent, face the possibility of going to prison for something I did.

Jack: I know this isn't an easy decision.

John: What about Abby? I mean, do you realize that she and Ashley could be separated for years?

Jack: You and I have to have faith that Michael Baldwin can plant reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

John: Oh, Jack, Jack...

Jack: I know you wanna do the right thing. You wanna look out for your family. I feel that way, too. But Ashley and I agree-- right now, this is our best option. Look, even if you have misgivings, you gotta make me one promise. You won't do anything rash, not until you're feeling better, not until we've all had a chance to talk this through together. Can you make me that promise?

Victoria: I know I went against your wishes, but when Abby and I were talking, it became pretty clear to me that she wanted to see her friends.

Brad: You think Ash and I were being overprotective.

Victoria: No, you just-- you don't wanna see her get hurt. Who can blame you for that? But I knew that once she got there, and once she got over her fears, she'd be okay.

Brad: I guess some objectivity is exactly what was needed, wasn't it?

Victoria: Oh. Is that your roundabout way of paying me a compliment?

Brad: Well, you know, don't let it go to your pretty head.

Victoria: Well, I promise to consult you before I decide on a college for Abby.


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